Artist: Ans Swart

 Ans_SinkhamukhaIn order to tame all the malicious and arrogant classes of the world, the Mahaguru Padmasambhava manifested in a form that embodied all the wrathful sugatas capable of power and strength, and this form is called Guru Tragphur.

In a dimension of roaring fire and howling wind of wisdom, his body is dark red with a fiercely wrathful expression. To symbolize his command over the Great Secret Vajra, his right hand raises a vajra into the sky. As a symbol of having conquered all the arrogant classes of the universe by means of his power, his left hand squeezes a black, nine-headed scorpion. As a symbol of having completely perfected the power of the wrathful king Supreme Horse Manifestation (Hayagriva), Lord of Lotus Speech, in the midst of his upward-streaming, yellowish, braided hair a green horse head is distinctly neighing. As a symbol of having completely perfected the power of the five families of Garudas, the antidote for taming the powerful Nagas and Tsens of the universe, a Garuda soars above his head and he has wings made of meteorite. As a symbol of embodying the Vajra of mind of all the ocean of masters, sugatas, vidyadharas, and victorious ones, at the center of his heart, inside a thigle of five-colored light, is a brilliant dark blue syllable HŪM. As a symbol of having completely perfected the power of the Kilaya activity, the lower part of his body is shaped as a pointed triangular dagger. In order to totally tame the great classes of beings of this degenerate age who send provocations of energy, he is standing in a dignified manner with the blazing point of the dagger piercing the heart of a Gyalpo and a Senmo that lie across each other upon a lotus and sun disk.

Gouache on prepared cotton, with details in 24 karat gold
74 x 85 cm with frame
Framed with premium anti-reflective Artglass


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