Dakini Sangwa Yeshe (Guhyajñana in Sanskrit) from Mandarava Tsalung Practices contained in The Profound Essential Upadesha of the Long-Life Practice “The Thigle of Vajra Life”, a terma Teaching from the Longsal cycle of Chögyal Namkhai Norbu, Longsal Teachings Volume Six.

studioDakini Sangwa Yeshe, that represents our real state in Sambhogakaya form, is ruby-colored and has a joyful aspect. She wears a complete set of bone ornaments. In her right hand is a trigug, a curved knife. In her left hand she holds a kapala full of nectar. She sits in the position of royal ease. 

At the heart of this manifestation there is Guru Padma Thötrengtsal in union with consort in the center of a kapala of light. From the point of their union a white light of nectar spreads in the ten directions. In this way the power of the Victorious Ones, the vital essence of Pawos and Dakinis, and the splendor of the five elements of the entire universe and its beings descend in the form of five pure lights which completely fill the kapala.

Kay Konrad, the artist: I did this painting during the lockdown this year (2020) while practising and painting in a very isolated situation the Tsalung of Mandarava which Rinpoche taught during his last retreat in Dzamling Gar.

Acrylic, gouache, gold leat on wood
100/80 cm



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