GeorgioBorn 1947 in North Holland, the Netherlands.

It took me a detour and a long time to realise my childhood wish - to make painting my profession. I went to the art academy in Arnhem when I was 30. That year I also became enamoured by dance: I was fascinated by movement and wanted to integrate it into my paintings. After finishing at the academy I wanted to work with “e-motion” - movements and gestures inspired by emotions. It was during the same year that I looked for a Yoga class and came into contact with the drawing and painting classes of Harish Yohari. With him, I made my first sacred art - Kali in a Yantra. I also developed performances and workshops, working with movements of the body in order to produce paint strokes and colours while incorporating sounds with the voice.



GeorgioBorn in Piedmont, Italy in 1953, due to an interest in yoga Giorgio Dallorto became drawn to Tibetan Buddhism and Himalayan culture in general. This brought him to meet his future and main teacher, Chögyal Namkhai Norbu, in the summer of 1978. Over the last twenty years he has dedicated himself in a free and independent way to an in-depth study of Tibetan history and culture and in particular the arts.



Kay KonradI was born in 1952 in North Germany. At the age of 18 after finishing school, I started  hitchhiking through Europe, France and Spain up to Formentera island with an aquarellbox and colored pencils to find out what to do with this life. After one year I noticed that painting would be the right way. In 1971 I entered the academy of Fine Arts in Berlin and then went to Vienna to study the old masters Renaissance techniques of egg tempera, oil painting and traditional naturalistic drawing. In 1975 I traveled through Zaire, Sudan and Egypt without a camera but with my paintbox.