The Practice of the Twenty-Five Spaces of Samantabhadra


Artist: Giorgio Dallorto

The painting represents the practice of the Twenty-Five Spaces of Samantabhadra transmitted by Chögyal Namkhai Norbu. The twenty-five mantras are written in elegant golden Tibetan uchen characters around twenty-five thigles of different colors.. …

The Song of the Vajra is depicted within a five-colored thigle, which represents the elements in a “friend” relationship, according to Tibetan elemental astrology. The Song of the Vajra concludes with the Six Letters of Liberation, ‘A A HA SHA SA MA, and the mantra of the Peaceful Deities, OM A HUM BODHICITTA MAHA SUKHA JNANA DHATU A.

The work is completed with the phrase, “The unique stainless eye of wisdom”, from the “Chanting the name of Manjushri” tantra.

The painting is decorated with many flowers and trees growing in the Dzamling Gardens at the global Gar in Tenerife, such as the bird of paradise, hibiscus, African margheritas and so on.

At the bottom is a dedication to the Master, “I pay homage to the King of Dharma, the Jewel of the Sky”.

Acrylic on paper
50 x 70cm


1,500 欧元
40% 用于支持全球营
60% 用于支持艺术家