Artist: Ans Swart

 Ans_SinkhamukhaExternally, Guru Simhamukha is the nirmanakaya master and wisdom dakini Lekyi Wangmo; internally, she is the sambhogakaya master in peaceful form as Sangwa Yeshe or in wrathful form as Simhamukha; secretly, she is the Great Mother of All the Victorious Ones, or Samantabhadri. Thus, in actuality, she is the essence that embodies the potentiality of all the masters, sugatas, vidyadharas, and victorious ones. She is the yidam through whom any yogin or yogini on the path accomplishes without effort all supreme and common siddhis, and she is very powerful in removing in an instant all the interruptions on the path, such as curses and magic formulas sent by the Eight Classes of gods and spirits and by both human or nonhuman beings.

Her body is dark blue and her lion face is white with a fiercely wrathful expression. As a symbol of eradicating the emotions, the root of samsara, her right hand raises a curved knife, or trigug, with a vajra handle into the sky.

As a symbol of concentrating all the power, capacity, and blessings of the universe in the essence of primordial potentiality, her left hand holds a blood-filled kapala at the heart. As a symbol of the inseparability of method and prajña, she has a khatvanga in the crook of her left arm. As a symbol of manifesting in the total equality in which samsara and nirvana are nondual, her left leg is extended and her right leg is bent in a dance movement while she is standing in a dignified manner on the seat of a lotus, a sun disk, and a corpse. As a symbol of having naturally perfected all the qualities of total wisdom, she has all the ornaments of wrathful female manifestations.

Gouache on cotton canvas
48,5 x 35cm

 €2,800 (+ shipping)
40% goes to support Dzamling Gar
60% goes to support the artist

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