Guru Nangsid Silnön (“Glorious Subjugator of Appearance and Existence” or “Prevailing over all that Appears and Exists”) is a form of Guru Padmasambhava that we use in Dzogchen Community for Ganapuja and Thun practices during the waning moon.


Guru Nangsi Silnön holds a kapala full of nectar containing a long-life vase in his left hand and a vajra in his right with the digdzub mudra. The index finger is pointing forward as a symbol of controlling energy or transmitting knowledge directly. He is sitting on a lotus, sun, and moon seat with loosely crossed legs, with one leg slightly extended. On top of his hat is a vulture feather, a symbol of having a high level of knowledge since the vulture is a powerful bird that flies high in the sky. On his left shoulder rests khatvanga.

Kay Konrad, the artist: Before starting this painting I asked Rinpoche for advice on how to paint Padmasambhava before attaining the realisation of Rainbow Body of Great Transference. Rinpoche replied: "No beard".

Gouache, oil glaces, gold on bristol board
63/88 cm 

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